D'Agostino's Capellini (Angel Hair)

D'Agostino's Capellini (Angel Hair)
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D'Agostino's Capellini (Angel Hair)

Capelli d'angelo, literally angel hair - hence "angel hair pasta" in English is a thinner variant with a diameter between 0.031 and 0.035 inches. It is often sold in a nest-like shape. Capelli d'angelo has been popular in Italy since at least the 14th century. 

D'Agostino Angel Hair Capellini Pasta

Very thin rod-shaped pasta in the form of long strands. This pasta has been popular in Italy since at least the 14th century. As a very delicate pasta, it is best paired with light oil or cream-based pasta and seafood. This pasta is also delicious served in soup!

All D'Agostino pasta is made in-house using the "delicate" method developed centuries ago in Palermo, Sicily.  Small quantities of pasta are extruded through bronze dies created specifically for each shape.  The pasta is carefully looped over wooden rods, straightened, then air-dried in wooden cellars.

No microwaves.  No preservatives.  No additives.  No artificial coloring.

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