Comeaux's Alligator Balls 1 lb

Comeaux's Alligator Balls 1 lb...

Now if you always wanted to try Alligator, this would be the way to try it. These breaded appetizers..

$1354 $1504 -10%

Comeaux's Crawfish Boudin 1 lb

Comeaux's Crawfish Boudin 1 lb...

Comeaux's best! Crawfish Tails cooked with "The Cajun Three" (onions, celery, bell peppers), seasone..

$1057 $1174 -10%

Comeaux's Pork Tasso 16 oz

Comeaux's Pork Tasso 16 oz...

Comeaux's tasso is USDA inspected. It's sliced pork, specially seasoned, marinated, cured and then H..

$1163 $1292 -10%

Comeaux's Crawfish Pies  4 oz

Comeaux's Crawfish Pies 4 oz...

Description: COMEAUX'S Crawfish Pies   Unit Size: 6/ 4 oz. Pies..


Comeaux's Chicken Patties 1 lb

Comeaux's Chicken Patties 1 lb...

The same ingredients as our fresh chicken sausage, formed into patties! Chicken thigh meat, ground, ..

$914 $1016 -10%

Comeaux's Cajun Sampler

Comeaux's Cajun Sampler...

DESCRIPTION: Comeaux's most popular 1 lbs. packs, put together for a sampling treat!  Includes..

$6807 $9076 -25%

Comeaux's Crawfish Etouffee 28 oz

Comeaux's Crawfish Etouffee 28 oz...

Description: Delicious crawfish in a thick and creamy sauce with plenty of Cajun flavor. Serve over ..


Comeaux's Red Beans, Tasso & Andouille 28 oz

Comeaux's Red Beans, Tasso & Andouil...

These red beans are cooked down with a generous portion of smoked Andouille sausage and smoked pork ..


Comeaux's Red Beans Tasso & Andouille 5lb bag

Comeaux's Red Beans Tasso & Andouill...

Comeaux's Red Beans Tasso & Andouille 5lb bagThese red beans are cooked down with a generous por..

$4667 $5186 -10%

Comeaux's Pork Appetizers 144 Count

Comeaux's Pork Appetizers 144 Count...

 Boudin Balls1 Case of Comeaux's Pork Boudin Balls - 144 CountThese breaded pork appetizers com..

$6858 $9144 -25%

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