Comeaux's Crawfish Pistolettes

Comeauxs Crawfish Pistolettes 12 Pack
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Comeaux's Crawfish Pistolettes

Pistolettes (small bread loaves) are stuffed with our spicy crawfish etouffee. Perfect as an appetizer or side. Or make it a meal with 2-3 pistolettes!


Cooking Instruction: Fry or bake until golden brown.


Unit Size: Bulk 12 ct

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Ingredients Pistolettes(bread), Cream(heavy), Frozen vegetable blend, Chinese Crawfish Tails, Rotel Tomatoes, Velveeta Cheese, Flour, Vegetable oil, Butter(unsalted solid), Garlic granulated, Creole seasoning, Cayenne red pepper, Black Pepper, Sugar
Nutrition Data 1
Size Bulk 12 ct.

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