Poche's Pork & Crawfish Sausage

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Q: What is the best way to cook this sausage? What is the best way to cook this sausage?

SCOTT Quirion

A: Hello, the product can be pan fried, barbecued, smoked as well as baked. As long as the product is cooked to the internal temperature of 165 degrees it can be cooked any way you prefer.

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Poche's Crawfish Sausage

Pork and crawfish are a match made in Louisiana heaven. Poche's puts the two together in a sausage that will make you want more. This sausage delivers that spicy crawfish flavor. Perfect for snacking or adding to a pot of boiling crawfish or gumbo.

Discount Yes
Ingredients Pork, peeled crawfish tails, slat, granulated garlic, red pepper, black pepper, monosodium glutamate, oleoresin paprika, hog casing
Nutrition Data 0
Size 1 lbs. (16 oz)

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