Jack Miller's Bar-B-Que Sauce

Dover Sole - (Whole fish)
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Jack Miller's Bar-B-Que Sauce is a unique blend of seventeen individual products. The mixture is cooked slowly in our kettles until it becomes the rich, thick, tangy product that has made it so famous in south Louisiana for over four decades. It enhances the flavor of any kind of meat, whether barbecued on an open grill outdoors or cooked in the oven. It can be used in all kinds of recipes or as a condiment for burgers and other sandwiches.
Unit Size: 16 fl oz. (473mL)

JACK MILLER'S BASTING SAUCE Ingredients: 1 cup Jack Miller's Bar-B-Que Sauce 1/3 cup cooking oil or butter or margarine 2-3 dashes TABASCO® Pepper Sauce 2-3 dashes Crystal® Worcestershire Sauce Steps: Heat all ingredients in a saucepan at a low heat setting. After heating for a few minutes the added oil will absorb the flavor and seasonings in the barbecue sauce. As it cools the oil will rise to the top. This is what you want to use to baste the meat that's cooking on your barbecue pit. As you baste with the oil it will keep the meat moist while cooking. The excess will pass through the meat and burn away. The flavor and seasoning will stay in the meat. When the meat is cooked you can place it in a container and baste well with the thick sauce that's left in the saucepot. If you put a tight lid on the container the sauce will absorb into the hot meat and give it an unforgettable flavor. You may substitute 7-Up, Sprite, ginger ale, or even orange juice in place of oil if you barbecue in you oven.

OLGA'S BAR-B-QUE BREAD Ingredients: 1 garlic french bread Jack Miller's Bar-B-Que Sauce Steps: Thaw bread and remove foil. Split bread open. Spread Jack Miller's Bar-B-Que Sauce on each half. Toast under broiler until brown. Watch closely.

CHRISTIAN'S BLUE RIBBON EGG STRADA Ingredients: 1 lb. bulk sausage 6 eggs 2 cups milk 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. dry mustard 1/2 cup Jack Miller's Bar-B-Que Sauce 6 slices cubed bread 1 cup grated sharp cheese Steps: Brown sausage. Drain well. Beat eggs, milk, salt, and dry mustard in bowl. Add barbecue sauce, bread, cheese, and sausage. Pour mixture into greased 9x12 baking dish. Refrigerate overnight. Bake in oven at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Allow to stand for a few minutes before serving.

Nutrition Data 1
Size 16 fl oz. (473mL)
Serving per container 16
Serving Size 2 Tbsp (36g)
Sodium 320
Sodium per unit 13
Sugars 3
Total carbs 5
Total carbs per unit 2
Total fat 4
Total fat per unit 6

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