Steen's - Cane Vinegar 64 oz

Steens - Cane Vinegar 64 oz
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Steen's Cane Vinegar 64 oz

Steen's Cane Vinegar - Pure cane vinegar with no artificial ingredients, the only pure cane vinegar in the country. Mellow tasting with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste. Enjoy it on salads, in dressings and sauces or leave it up to your imagination!

Prized by chefs and home cooks alike!

Its slightly sweet cane flavor makes Steen's Cane Vinegar an essential ingredient for vinaigrettes and gastriques. Use it to marinate or pickle! You'll reach for it again and again.

Available online in a set of three or in our Steen's Collection Gift Set.

Ingredients: Pure Cane Vinegar diluted with water to 5% acidity. 

Optimum Shelf Life: Two Years

Discount Yes
Flavor Original
Ingredients Pure Cane Vinegar diluted with water to 5% acidity.
Calories 2
Nutrition Data 12
Size 1/2 Gallon
Protein 0 g
Saturated fat 0 mg
Serving per container 64
Serving Size 2 Tbsp (28g)
Sugars 0
Total carbs 0
Total fat 0 g

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