Lil' Grill Gift Cooler Lil' Grill Gift Cooler
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Are you planning a small family gathering? Looking to spice up your weekend barbeque? Having some family over to celebrate the 4th of July?

This little Grill cooler is the perfect combination of great Cajun food for the grill.

The Lil' Grill Cooler contains:


  • Cajun Original Regular Pork Boudin 1 lb
  • Savoie's Andouille 16 oz
  • Cajun Original Pork Boudin- Hot 1 lb
  • Savoie's Smoked Pork Hot flavor 1 lb
  • Savoie's Smoked Pork - Mild flavor 16 oz
  • Poche's Cajun Style Sausage 16 oz
  • Best Stop Boudin Party Links 32 oz
  • Savoie's Smoked Pork Mild Sausage 24 oz
  • Poche's Jalapeno Pork Sausage 16 oz


  • Hot Rod's Tequila Lime Seasoning 6 oz

Side Dish:

  • Hot Rod's Dat Dirty Rice Mix 16 oz


  • Luzianne Cold Brew Tea 22 count Family size


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