Poche's Pork Boudin 2 lb

Poche's Pork Boudin 2 lb...


$1256 $1399 -10%

Poche's Crawfish Boudin 16 oz

Poche's Crawfish Boudin 16 oz...


$807 $999 -19%

Poche's Pork Tasso 1 lb

Poche's Pork Tasso 1 lb...

Large pieces of tender lean pork tumbled in a seasoning mixture of salt, red pepper, black pepper, g..

$969 $1049 -8%

Poche's Boudin Balls

Poche's Boudin Balls...

Perfect appetizer for any Cajun party. Good baked or fried. Cooked pork meat, pork liver, onions, sp..

$989 $1099 -10%

Poche's Andouille 1 lb

Poche's Andouille 1 lb...

Poche's Andouille sausage measures 1-1/2 to 2 inches in diameter. This sausage will enhance the flav..

$861 $999 -14%

Poche's Smoked Alligator & Pork Sausage

Poche's Smoked Alligator & Pork Saus...

Poche's Smoked Pork and Alligator SausageLooking for a different type of sausage from the norm. Look..

$1293 $1499 -14%

Poche's Pecan Pralines

Poche's Pecan Pralines...

Description: POCHE'S Pecan Pralines   Unit Size: 2 oz. (4 Pralines)..

$899 $1049 -14%

Poche's Cajun Style Sausage

Poche's Cajun Style Sausage...

POCHE'S Cajun Style Sausage..

$599 $826 -27%

Poche's Stuffed Chicken w/ Crawfish

Poche's Stuffed Chicken w/ Crawfish...

Partially deboned, stuffed, and seasoned with peppers, onions, garlic and Poche's special blend of h..

$1970 $2499 -21%

Poche's Green Onion Sausage

Poche's Green Onion Sausage...

POCHE'S Green Onion Sausage..

$584 $799 -27%

Poche's Chicken & Sausage Gumbo 32 oz

Poche's Chicken & Sausage Gumbo 32 o...

Poche's Chicken & Sausage Gumbo..

$1034 $1299 -20%

Poche's Roux 16 oz.

Poche's Roux 16 oz....

Poche's Roux 16 oz. jarIf you are a gumbo purist at heart, you may feel like it is cheating the firs..

$629 $699 -10%

Poche's, Stuffed Pork Chops

Poche's, Stuffed Pork Chops...

Center cut pork chops cut 1.25 inch thick, stuffed with ground pork meat, onions, bell peppers and s..

$1599 $2499 -36%

Poche's Fresh Alligator & Pork Sausage

Poche's Fresh Alligator & Pork Sausa...

POCHE'S Fresh Alligator & Pork Sausage..

$1257 $1399 -10%

Poche's Hog Head Cheese

Poche's Hog Head Cheese...

Description: POCHE'S Hog Head Cheese Unit Size: 8 oz...

$717 $899 -20%

Poche's Jalapeno Chicken Sausage

Poche's Jalapeno Chicken Sausage...

POCHE'S Jalapeno Chicken Sausage..

$584 $799 -27%

Poche's Smoked Chaurice

Poche's Smoked Chaurice...

Hot smoked sausage made of lean pork meat, seasonings, crushed garlic, vinegar, jalapeño peppers and..

$771 $849 -9%

Poche's Cajun Seasoning

Poche's Cajun Seasoning...

Poche Bridge Cajun SeasoningAdd a spicy Cajun flavor to any dish, with Poche's Cajun Seasoning...

$404 $499 -19%

Poche's Chaurice Fresh 1 lb

Poche's Chaurice Fresh 1 lb...

Poche's Fresh Chaurice 1 lbUSDA approved.Fresh sausage made with lean pork meat, seasonings, crushed..

$584 $799 -27%

Poche's Andouille - Chicken

Poche's Andouille - Chicken...

Poche's Chicken Andouille is made with coarsely ground, lean chicken, salt, red pepper, black pepper..

$753 $849 -11%

Poche's Jalapeno Pork Sausage

Poche's Jalapeno Pork Sausage...

POCHE'S Jalapeno Pork Sausage..

$584 $749 -22%

Poche's Pork & Crawfish Sausage

Poche's Pork & Crawfish Sausage...

POCHE'S Crawfish Sausage..

$1077 $1299 -17%

Poche's Smoked Pork

Poche's Smoked Pork...

Packed with lean cuts of pork meat and our own perfect blend of seasonings, this sausage is sure to ..

$753 $899 -16%

Poche's Pork Sausage (Fresh)

Poche's Pork Sausage (Fresh)...

Description: Fresh sausage made with lean pork meat and seasonings. USDA approved.Unit Size: 1 lb. p..

$584 $725 -19%

Poche's Crawfish Pie

Poche's Crawfish Pie...

POCHE'S Crawfish Pies Conventional Oven:  Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place pie w/ pan directly on..

$1232 $1399 -12%

Poche's Shrimp & Crab Pie

Poche's Shrimp & Crab Pie...

Conventional Oven: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Place pie w/ pan directly on cookie sheet in oven fo..

$1232 $1449 -15%

Poche's Chicken Sausage (Fresh)

Poche's Chicken Sausage (Fresh)...

Poche's Fresh Chicken SausageFresh sausage made with lean chicken (ground), and special seasonings. ..

$584 $799 -27%

Poche's Pork Boudin - PARTY LINKS

Poche's Pork Boudin - PARTY LINKS...

The perfect individual bite size party links. Each link is about 2-1/2 inches. Poche's own recipe fo..

$2960 $3499 -15%

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