Poche's Smoked Chaurice

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Smoked Chaurice Sausage

Hot smoked sausage made of lean pork meat, seasonings, crushed garlic, vinegar, jalapeño peppers and chives stuffed into natural hog casings then smoked until rich in color and flavor. USDA approved.

Chaurice is a sausage with Spanish influence from Chorizo. Chaurice adapted to the local ingredients by the creole people around New Orleans. Today we know this sausage as Chaurice and it is a staple in New Orleans Cajun and Creole cooking.

Chaurice is a sausage that can be eaten by itself or added to a dish and although this sausage works great with bean dishes you will find it in some of the best Gumbos, Jambalayas, Creoles, Crawfish boils, and stuffing. This sausage is very flavorful, a blend of andouille and boudin combined.

Chaurice is a fresh sausage and is often pan fried but can be cooked however you like.

Chaurice (shore-EESE) is a Creole sausage. Chaurice is considered the hottest in Creole and Cajun cuisine. It is generally fresh, but can be cold or hot smoked. 

Chaurice sausage makes a good pairing with eggs for breakfast.

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LynnO 2019-12-10 18:44:47

I used this in deep-fried boudin balls. The finer grind made it better than andouille in the balls we called "gumbo balls" that were full of seafood, chicken, rice as well. Really flavorful sausage!

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