Best Stop Smoked Boudin 12 oz Pack of 3

Best Stop Smoked Boudin 12 oz Pack of 3
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Best Stop Smoked Boudin - 2 Link Pack 12 oz X 3

The Best Stop award winning Boudin is put into a smoke house to give it a savory smoke flavor. Smoked Boudin can be cooked in an oven, on a grill, barbecue pit or boiled in water.

Touted by many as the best boudin in Louisiana. It has more meat and rice and it is absolutely prefect. The Best Stop makes about 1,000 pounds of boudin each day! More meat than rice, accounting for a well balanced boudin. This boudin emits a smooth smoky flavor not usually found in boudin. It is one of the best boudin in Louisiana. It is distinctly “porky” and has a juiciness about it.

How do you heat smoked boudin?

The only other method we would recommend for reheating leftover boudin is warming it in a conventional oven. Set the heat on about 325 degrees, spread the boudin out on a shallow pan and cover it with baking foil. Leave your boudin in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, but keep a close eye on it!

How to cook smoked boudin

How to cook boudin in the oven: Preheat your conventional oven to 300° F. For a crispy Boudin, place link in the oven on a lightly-oiled cookie sheet. Allow to heat for 20 minutes, turning the link over every 5 minutes. Make sure the internal temperature of the Boudin gets hot and steamy (at least 160° F).

What is smoked boudin?

Boudin Cajun sausage is a southern delicacy made of pork, rice, onions, green peppers, Cajun spices and a mix of whatever the sausage maker has in mind that particular day. Boudin can be stuffed into casings or made into balls. Smoked Boudin has an extra smoky taste to it.

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