Perique I Want My Farm Back Greek Herb

Perique I Want My Farm Back Greek Herb
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Perique I Want My Farm Back Greek Herb 1.5 oz

I Want My Farm Back pure herb seasonings were inspired by the farm to table movement in America. They are entirely made of blended herbs, and are completely sodium free. 

Perique Pepper Sauce & Condiment Co. strives to create the highest quality enhancers of food, matched in value by our presentation, price, people, and partners.

From the temple of Athena Nike in Athens, to Crete, Mount Athos and Rhodes, along the foor of the mountain of Greece - the wind stirs up the sweet aromatic fragrance of wild and garden herbs. We only use the freshest and most carefully selected herbs in our blends.

Our Greek herb seasoning is excellent on salads, fish, poultry, beef, lamb, & pork dishes.

From La Nouvelle Orleans, the Paris of the south.

But there once was a farmer who proclaimed, in the fog of the early morning, with his boots planted in the alluvial soil of the Mississippi River: "I want my Farm Back!"

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