Brand Feature: Savoie's Foods

  • October 10, 2020
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  • Brand Feature: Savoie's Foods
  • Brand Feature: Savoie's Foods

Few brands capture the authentic taste of Louisiana better than Savoie's. This company is a true Cajun treasure that has been a fixture in southern kitchens for more than 60 years. Now found in many parts of the United States, Savoie's food products have made this company an ambassador for Cajun culture and pride.

Ms. Eula Savoie and the Humble Beginnings of a Culinary Legend

Back in 1949, Ms. Eula Savoie (pronounced Sahv-wah) opened a small grocery store in Opelousas near Lafayette, Louisiana. Now, Ms. Eula was a true Cajun lady in the grandest sense of the word. She knew her way around the kitchen. The products in her grocery store were always fresh, and people came from their rural homes to purchase the fixings for their family gumbos. Everyone who came to Savoie's was treated like family, because that's just how we do things down here. In 1952, the family borrowed money to purchase 187 acres for hog farming. Down here in Louisiana we value our self-reliance and living off the land. The Savoie's were continuing a long tradition by raising their own hogs, but it soon became more than that. In 1955, Ms. Eula started using a hand grinder to make smoked sausage and boudin to sell in the grocery store. I guess you could say the rest is history. Word spread about the fine meats at Savoie's and Ms. Eula was soon delivering meat all across Louisiana. She started out butchering one hog each week and soon had to purchase hogs from other farmers to meet the demand. Now, you could say everything that came next was all good fortune, but those of us here know better. We've got a saying—God don't like ugly. The reason Ms. Eula and the Savoie brand grew so quickly was because they treated their customers well. If you bought something from Ms. Eula, you could be sure it was something she would serve right in her own home.

The Growth of Savoie's

Around about 1960, the decision was made to diversify the company. That's a fancy way of saying Savoie's shook the pot a little bit and changed things up. Local people knew that Ms. Eula produced some of the best roux and dressing mixes. It was only natural for the company to package these mixes so people everywhere could enjoy them in their own home. In 1962, products from Savoie's began appearing in other stores. This necessitated better production methods and distribution, but Ms. Eula was a smart businesswoman and rolled with it all. By 1972 she was overseeing a 5,300 square-foot production facility located right there behind the original grocery. She had 30 employees. As better machines were developed, Ms. Eula steadfastly refused to replace any employee with a machine. She was loyal to the folks she considered family.

A Lasting Legacy of Love

Ms. Eula continued to oversee all of the work at Savoie's as the product line expanded. She even helped some of her employees learn to read, write and balance a checkbook. What this wonderful lady had created was something more than a food company. She had created a community that included her employees and everyone that bought her products. In 1990, Savoie's became one of the first brands to be designated "Certified Cajun" by the State of Louisiana. It was an honor that would give Ms. Eula a great sense of pride for the remainder of her days. She passed away in 2010, leaving behind a legacy of love for Cajun society and family life. Today, Savoie's is still ran by Ms. Eula's family and is still headquartered in Opelousas.

Great Products from Savoie's

The legendary smoked sausage that started it all is still a mainstay of the Savoie's brand. It is used in everything from gumbo to jambalaya and a host of other Cajun recipes. The original Savoie's Smoked Sausage has been joined by other meats such as tassovenisonturkey and beef. All of them retain the original quality that made Savoie's meats a popular delight. Ms. Eula's original roux can be purchased in a variety of styles. There are also sauces to thicken gravy and add flavor to your home cooked Cajun meal. Add Savoie's Old Fashioned Roux to your next gumbo and you'll be the talk of the town. Some of the most popular products from this brand are Savoie's Pies and Ready-Prepared Meals and Appetizers. Just pop one of these in the oven and you can have a meal that is quick and easy to prepare. Choose from Crawfish EtouffeeShrimp and Crab Pie, and frozen entrees like Savoie's Chicken and Andouille Gumbo. The list of great products from Savoie's just goes on and on. As good as all of them are, the best part of these products is that they honor the legacy of Ms. Eula Savoie. Somewhere she is looking down with great happiness because Savoie's keeps bringing people together around the family dinner table.

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