Louisiana Whole Boiled Crawfish 5 lbs with Seasoning

Louisiana Whole Boiled Crawfish 5 lbs with Seasoning
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Louisiana Whole Boiled Crawfish 5 lbs with Seasoning

We take crawfish at the peak of the season, partially cook them and then flash freeze them. We do not add seasoning to this because it would deteriorate the product, but we do supply seasoning so that you can finish cooking them with a delicious Louisiana spice. The beauty of this, is that our crawfish stay whole and do not fall into pieces.

Louisiana whole cooked crawfish are fresher tasting, not rubbery, and easier to cook.

Fill stock pot with one inch of water, bring to a strong steam.  Place crawfish in pot and steam for 2 to 3 minutes to reheat crawfish.  Sprinkle with extra seasoning to your liking. 

Give it a shot and place an order today. We want to provide you with crawfish year round.

Whole Cooked Crawfish

What is whole boiled? Our whole cooked crawfish is a great alternative to live crawfish, sold year-round. We have caught them at the peak of our live crawfish season, partially cooked them and then we flash freeze them in water to keep that fresh taste. They are not cooked with any seasoning since salt would deteriorate the product and make them rubbery. We do however supply the seasoning for you to cook them in. (Comes with 1 pound of dry seafood boil seasoning.)

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Kenya Martin 2023-03-25 08:11:20

Soooo good! That’s all I got lol

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