Amberjack Filet

Amberjack Filet
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Q: How many fillets come in an order for Amber Jack and Red fish?? How many fillets come in an order for Amber Jack and Red fish??


A: The Amberjack is a 1lb package. it could be any where between 1 filet or 2 depending on the size.

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Amberjack Filet

The Amberjack is the perfect combination of big fish with a big appetite. Amberjacks are one of the top deepwater species in the southeast.

These Amberjack filets are from fish caught in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana.

Amberjack is a great fighting fish, and are a great choice of fish to prepare on the grill or smoked.

What does amberjack fish taste like?

Greater amberjack has a rich, buttery flavor. The flavor has been described as a mix between tuna and mahi-mahi, though not as steak-like as tuna and not as mild as mahi-mahi. This fish holds up well to almost any prep method: broiling, baking, grilling, pan frying, smoking.

Is Amberjack good to eat?

Some anglers consider amberjack good eating. Remove the blood line and blacken amberjack on the grill for some good eating.

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