French Market Coffee & Chicory City Roast

French Market Coffee & Chicory City Roast
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Q: Can't read the label - whole bean or ground? Can't read the label - whole bean or ground?

Don Ecuyer

A: This is a ground coffee.


Q: Is this French Market Dark roast 15 oz? Is this French Market Dark roast 15 oz?

Marius Carriere

A: We carry 12 oz bags and cans of this item.

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Discover the Soul of New Orleans: French Market's Dark Roast Coffee & Chicory

Dive into the heart of New Orleans coffee culture with French Market's Dark Roast Coffee & Chicory.

Our celebrated red can contains the beloved blend that locals and visitors yearn for.

A tradition over a century old, this coffee symbolizes the vibrant spirit of New Orleans.

What Sets French Market's Coffee & Chicory Apart?

Our coffee encapsulates the historic flavors of New Orleans.

It's crafted for those who cherish deep, robust coffee tastes.

Crafting Your Ideal Coffee Experience

Start with cold, fresh water and ensure your coffee maker is clean for the boldest flavor.

Customize the strength to your liking, and enjoy with or without milk and sugar.

Our Coffee's Journey Through Time

Originating in the renowned French Market, our coffee's story is steeped in history.

It remains a fixture in New Orleans culture, beloved for its rich taste and heritage.

The Unique Appeal of Chicory in Coffee

Chicory lends a distinctively smooth, slightly sweet flavor to our coffee.

It offers a delightful alternative to pure coffee, with reduced bitterness and caffeine.

Key Ingredients and How to Brew

Selected Arabica beans and premium French chicory define our blend.

Follow our brewing guide for an authentic taste of New Orleans.

Answers to Common Queries

Why is chicory coffee celebrated in New Orleans?

Its distinctive taste and historical significance make chicory coffee a New Orleans favorite.

Benefits of chicory in coffee?

Chicory enriches the coffee's flavor and may offer health advantages, including digestive benefits.

In Summary

French Market's Dark Roast Coffee & Chicory is not merely a beverage; it's a tribute to the enduring legacy of New Orleans.

It's the perfect choice for anyone seeking an authentic, flavorful coffee experience.

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