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Luzianne Coffee & Chickory Medium Roast 13 oz bag

A hearty, medium roast coffee and chicory that gives a full, satisfying flavor with less-than-usual measure. Chicory unlocks coffee flavor. It mellows the blend and removes bitterness. Like coffee, chicory is a natural product. Luzianne Red Label has been a Southern favorite for more than 60 years. The pack is for all coffee makers.

For our 100% Arabica coffee, we’ve select premium Arabica beans and slow roast them in small batches. So, you can enjoy a full-bodied, and smooth taste.

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Size 13oz.
Grant Schley 2021-08-24 07:26:59

It is the only coffee my wife will drink. She swears by the chicory smoothing out the coffee's bitterness. I have been buying it for her for 40 years. I live in Maryland and it seems to be less and less available up here. I think it's getting left behind with all the flavored coffees that seem popular now, but as just regular smooth coffee, it's the best.

Linda 2021-07-16 08:52:45

My grandmother introduced me to Luzianne many years ago. My favorite coffee. Medium Roast The BEST coffee!

Katherine Forbes 2021-04-21 16:33:12

this is the Best coffee I've ever had I'm on my last bag of it so I hope it comes in soon.

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