Tabasco Spanish Olives

Tabasco Spanish Olives
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If you think olives are olives, you haven't tried these. Treat yourself to the wonderful flavor of select Spanish olives spiced with genuine TABASCO® red peppers. All the way from Spain. Spicy olives stuffed with pimento. The olive juice surely makes for a splendid, tasty "dirty" vodka martini.

Top off your next meal or cocktail with our signature TABASCO Spicy Olives! These select Spanish olives are stuffed with pimiento and spiced with genuine TABASCO® brand crushed red peppers.

Spanish olives are small to medium green olives from Spain. These little olives are frequently stuffed with pimento. The olives are used as appetizers, in bar drinks or chopped and added to salads or other savory dishes.

Are Spanish olives the same as green olives?

Manzanilla: A small, crisp green Spanish olive, often pitted and stuffed with pimento. ... The slit helps the olives absorb the flavor of the brine. Greek: While Kalamata are one type of Greek olive, other varieties are simply labeled “Greek” without a specific name. They tend to be larger and softer than Kalamatas.

Which olives are best for martinis?

The "Spanish" olive, green stuffed with pimento, is the default. However, those olives stuffed with a garlic clove or bleu cheese are popular as well. Adding a splash of the olive brine to the drink makes it a "Dirty Martini." Some prefer the additional element of saltiness that this adds.

Why do you put olives in martinis?

Dedicated martini drinkers savor the olives at the end of the drink. Olives soak up some of the gin and vermouth, giving them a unique taste. When the drink comes with more than one olive, martini lovers typically eat one olive with the first sip, using a cocktail pick or just swallowing.

Unit Size: 7.05 oz.

Calories 30
Nutrition Data 1
Size 7.05 oz.
Serving per container 12
Serving Size 4 olives (16g)
Sodium 260
Sodium per unit 11
Total fat 3
Total fat per unit 5
Albin U 2022-02-23 10:14:36

I agree, these are the best. I buy them by the case.

Dale Beddard 2022-01-20 17:03:55

These are by far the best olives I have put in my mouth. I am having a hard time finding these items. If we could please get some more of these items in stock. Please hurry.

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