French Po Boys

Poches Boudin Balls
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A taste of New Orleans straight to your kitchen with our featured product: Cartozzo's French Po Boys.

Cartozzo's French Po Boys bread, providing the perfect foundation for crafting genuine New Orleans-style po-boy sandwiches.

Experience Authenticity with Every Bite:

New Orleans at Your Fingertips: Our Cartozzo's French Po Boys bread embodies the unique flavors and history of New Orleans. It's not just bread; it's a piece of Louisiana's rich culinary heritage delivered directly to your door

Specially Crafted for Perfection

Unlike traditional French baguettes, Cartozzo's po-boy bread is made with a distinctive recipe that yields a lighter, fluffier loaf. It’s less chewy and perfectly complements any po-boy filling you choose.

Freshness: Each loaf is baked daily with no preservatives to ensure the highest quality. 4 Freshly Baked Sandwich Loaves, each measuring 8 inches, ready to transform into mouth-watering po-boys.

How to Enjoy Your French Po Boys:

Upon arrival, we recommend freezing any bread you won't use right away to preserve its freshness. If you plan to indulge immediately, make sure to consume your loaves within 3 days for the best experience.

Preserve and Celebrate Tradition:

The origin of Cartozzo's French Po Boys bread is a testament to the ingenuity of New Orleans' culinary scene, born from a time of wheat scarcity and blossoming into a beloved staple of the local diet.

Bring New Orleans Home:

With Cartozzo's French Po Boys, creating authentic New Orleans-style po-boys has never been easier. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a culinary novice, our products will help you bring the flavors of Louisiana into your home cooking.

Take the first step on a flavorful journey with Cartozzo's French Po Boys and more. Let us bring the spirit of New Orleans to your table!

Calcium 1.9
Calories 47
Nutrition Data 1
Size 4 loaves, 8" Each
Iron 6.78
Protein 9.68
Serving per container 10
Serving Size 2 ounces
Total carbs 60.83
Total fat 1.32
Vitamin A <2
Vitamin C <2
Sbear 2019-11-11 10:14:18

Although packaging was great and product fresh, the flavor was overly floury and zero flavor. I've ordered French bread here before, but these were just like any other French bread made outside of Louisiana.

Kristie 2019-10-25 11:40:34

Haven't tried yet. But packaging was AWESOME!!

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