Camellia Gumbo Cajun Roux Base 4 Pack

Camellia Gumbo Cajun Roux Base 4 Pack
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Camellia Brand Gumbo Cajun Roux Base, Authentic Louisiana Flavor (4 Pack)

South Louisiana is famous worldwide for the rich stew we call gumbo. Our Camellia Brand Gumbo Cajun Roux Base is a perfect blend of authentic Cajun spices and vegetables you can use to easily prepare a delicious gumbo from scratch.

What is the difference between gumbo base and gumbo roux?

A roux is the base of numerous Cajun and creole dishes. Etouffee is usually a 1 beer roux while a full fledged gumbo is a 2 to 3 beer roux. Obviously meaning how long it takes to DRINK the beer. The cook time will vary depending on how dark you want your gravy.

How do you use Cajun gumbo base?

In 4 quart pot, add 2 quarts of cold chicken stock or water to Cajun Gumbo Base Mix and cooked meat. When mix is dissolved, cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Serve over cooked rice, pasta or grits and enjoy.

What gives gumbo its flavor?

Most gumbos use two distinctive ingredients to thicken and flavor them: roux and either okra or filé powder.

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