Pickapeppa Addiction Package

Pickapeppa Addiction Package
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Q: What exactly are the three flavors? What exactly are the three flavors?

Michael Clancey

A: The Addiction package is 3 bottles of Classic Pickapeppa

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Pickapeppa Addiction Package

Pickapeppa addicts indulge! 

Grab 3 bottles of Classic Pickapeppa in one flavorful order. 

This is the ultimate dream of the Pickapeppa addict. 

So as to not overwhelm your cravings, we figure these three bottles should get you through…well, at least the week! 

Consider yourself fully satisfied!

Size 3 Bottles
j h j 2022-11-06 20:57:14

GOD gives use good things and pickapeppa is one of them

David B. 2017-05-05 10:39:04

I have been using this sauce for many years here in Las Vegas, NV. Recently, my gourmet store notified me that their distibutor stopped carrying it. So I went to the grocery store that carries it & bought their last bottle. Now, the space where it sits on the shelf is empty & the pickapeppa shelf tag is missing. I thought, OH NO! now they’re not carrying it anymore! What will I do? Then, I found this site. DAY SAVED!

Timothy John Hilderbrandt 2017-04-05 10:37:56

I’ve been using the original sauce for many years. Tried other products from other companies but Pickapeppa is still number one. I’d love to have some mini bottles to sneak into restaurants to spice up my orders. Any chance of those mini bottles being available?

Paula 2016-07-19 10:37:28

My Husband and Son-in-law loves this. It's great to now be able to get it shipped to Texas in the DFW area.

Terri 2014-07-10 10:34:31

My father & I LOVE this stuff!! Our local grocery store stopped carrying it & my dad is going nuts! He’ll LOVE my little surprise!

Harry 2014-06-02 10:34:05

I discoverd this sauce in a small grocery store in Pawhuska Oklahoma & what a great find! I use Pickapppa sauce on steaks & it has quickly become my favorite sauce. Has a slight hint of A-1flavor but is much more unique with the ingredients of cloves, thyme, ginger & raisins adding to the very distinct flavor. Great taste! I highly recommend!

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