Andouille Sampler Gift Cooler

Andouille Sampler Gift Cooler
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Cajun Andouille Sampler Gift Cooler

Have you ever wondered who makes the best Andouille Sausage?

There are so many different brands of andouille sausage near me. 

This spicy sausage is found all over southern Louisiana, but it also appears a lot in New Orleans Creole cooking, too. It is almost always smoked and heavily seasoned. What is andouille smoked sausage? Typically onions, garlic, cayenne or other hot chiles, black pepper and usually thyme.

What is andouille sausage? Is andouille sausage spicy?

Andouille Cajun sausage is generally a spicy pork sausage seasoned with garlic, used especially in Cajun cooking. There is also a different version of andouille chicken sausage.

Where can I buy andouille sausage? Where to buy andouille sausage near me?

The Cajun Grocer offers many different brands with their own various recipes for andouille sausage.

Here's your chance to compare andouille sausage recipes from each of those brands.

This Andouille Sampler contains 1 of each of the following:

  • La Boucherie Smoked Andouille Sausage 16 oz
  • Comeaux's Chicken Andouille 1 lb
  • Savoie's Andouille 16 oz
  • Richard's Andouille Sausage 1 lb
  • Comeaux's Pork Andouille 16 oz
  • Poche's Andouille 1 lb
  • Poche's Andouille - Chicken 1 lb
  • Best Stop Andouille 24 oz
  • Richard's Andouille w/ Green Onion Sausage 1 lb

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