Gumbo Crabs (Louisiana Blue Crab)

Gumbo Crabs (Louisiana Blue Crab)
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Q: Are the gumbo crabs already cleaned Are the gumbo crabs already cleaned

Louise Holmes

A: No the crabs are not pre cleaned.


Q: Is price by the pound or per crab? Is price by the pound or per crab?


A: The pricing is by package. This is a 16oz package and can contain 3-5 crabs per pack depending on the size.


Q: About how many crabs will I get with 6 oz About how many crabs will I get with 6 oz

Jill Winzy-Brown

A: Each pack will contain two crabs.


Q: Are these pre cooked? Are these pre cooked?

Jan Lotherington

A: Gumbo Crabs are fresh and frozen not cooked

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Louisiana Gumbo Crabs. 3-5 count depending on size  **This product is frozen**

If you are looking for blue crabs to use in your favorite gumbo recipe, Cajun Grocer ships direct to your door via Fedex. These Blue Gumbo Crabs are caught in the gulf off the shores of Louisiana, packed in a cooler with dry ice and shipped to your front door.

Unit Size: 16 oz. bag



Discount Yes
Ingredients Frozen
Nutrition Data 1
Size 16 oz. bag
Gary 2020-02-02 13:23:39

Some of the best gumbo crabs around, especially since I didn't have to catch them.

Joyce 2019-11-18 09:53:33

I was surprised by how good these frozen crabs were! I added them to the gumbo from frozen which helped to maintain the meat texture. They were the perfect size for a a= gumbo too. Small enough to allow the juices to the fill the cavity.

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