One Dozen Extra Fancy Half Shell Gulf Oysters

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SouthFresh Foods Extra Fancy Half Shell Gulf Oysters

12 Oysters on a Halfshell

Indulge your palate with SouthFresh's Extra Fancy Half Shell Oysters, harvested straight from the Gulf's pristine waters. These authentic Gulf oysters (Crassostrea virginica) are selected and processed with utmost care, ensuring your safety without compromising the fresh, oceanic flavor that makes these gems a delicacy.

SouthFresh employs cutting-edge FDA-approved technology to process these oysters, effectively reducing the presence of Vibrio Vulnificus and other potential pathogens to non-detectable levels. This allows you to enjoy these oysters raw or cooked, with absolute peace of mind.

Features & Benefits:

  • Sourced from wild-caught, all-natural Gulf oysters (Crassostrea virginica)
  • Premium quality ensured, with each oyster being individually quick frozen
  • Pre-shucked for your convenience, saving you from the hassle of shucking
  • Uncompromised yield, with 100% guaranteed usability
  • Year-round availability and consistent pricing
  • Processed meticulously to eliminate any harmful bacteria
  • Proudly a wild-caught product of the USA


The versatility of these Extra Fancy Half Shell Oysters is simply unmatched.

  • For baked oysters, cook from a frozen state, topped with your favorite garnish, and broil or bake to achieve a moist, succulent oyster meat under a bubbling hot topping.
  • For raw bar serving, simply thaw, sever the adductor muscle, place on a bed of crushed ice, and serve with lemon and cocktail sauce. No need for professional shuckers – it's that easy!

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Experience the true taste of the Gulf with SouthFresh's Extra Fancy Half Shell Oysters. Whether for a gourmet dinner or a casual seafood feast, these oysters are sure to make your meal unforgettable. Click 'Add to Cart' and bring home the fresh, indulgent flavor of the Gulf of Mexico today!

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