Orleans Pralines Assorted Pralines 12 Pack

Orleans Pralines Assorted Pralines 12 Pack
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Fresh from New Orleans in three distinctly and delicious New Orleans flavors! Orleans Pralines are made to order, with no preservatives. These are by far the best pralines around. Taste the difference.

12 Assorted Creamy Pralines (4 Original, 4 Coconut Cream, & 4 White Chocolate) in a decorative gift box with a fancy ribbon.

⚜️ Finest and Freshest Pralines in New Orleans ⚜️

These traditional pralines are made fresh daily, ensuring a rich and creamy experience.

The South’s most famous confection, the Praline. These Southern confections are the epitome of Old New Orleans flavor.

What are New Orleans pralines?

What are Pralines? A signature sweet of New Orleans, Pralines are unique candied treats adored by natives and visitors alike. Described as the nuttier cousin to fudge and known to melt in your mouth, pralines come in many shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.

Why is New Orleans famous for pralines?

It is believed that pralines were brought over from France by the Ursuline nuns, who came to New Orleans in 1727. They were in charge of the casket girls, young women sent over from France at the request of Bienville to marry New Orleans' colonists.

Who created pralines?

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Chef Clement Lassagne

It's a confection with a history as rich as its flavor. The praline's origins may date back as far as the early 17th century. It's believed the praline was created by Chef Clement Lassagne, who worked for French diplomat César duc de Choiseul, Comte du Plessis-Praslin.

Is a praline a cookie or candy?

Pralines are a candy, but there are also Praline Cookies. What are Praline Cookies? Praline cookies are a take on the candy by making sweet, buttery cookies with pecans and a sweet praline candy icing that can be drizzled or dipped into before hardening onto the cookie.

Are pralines Creole?

The praline itself is a French confection, named after César, duc de Choiseul, comte du Plessis-Praslin, who some believe had his cook devise an almond-studded candy to woo his various love interests.

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